Welcome to FM Cheapskate!

Welcome to FM Cheapskate!  I'm glad you found my little corner of the web, where I love to share about great deals for the Fargo Moorhead area.  You see, I've always loved a great deal.  Now, I get to share and teach others how to do the same!

Here's a bit of what FM Cheapskate is all about:

Grocery Store Deals: Each week I pair our local grocery sale ads (Cash Wise, SunMart and Hornbacher's) with coupons and write up the list of the best deals to save you time and money!

Coupons: When a great printable coupon is available, I'll highlight it so you can print it while it's hot!  Many great printables don't last long.  I also share about coupons in our local papers and coupons you can request by mail!

Restaurant Deals: When I see a coupon or deal for a restaurant in our area, I'll post about it.  Saving you money on a meal out or helping you find ways to stretch your "Eating Out" budget is one of my specialties.

Daily Deals: There are so many "Daily Deal" sites these days (like Groupon, Save Coin, etc), so I try to weed through the deals and share the best ones, with a focus on deals that are local to our area.

Around Town/Events/Family Fun: I try to highlight free and inexpensive events going on throughout the community for individuals and families alike.  I know my family always enjoys taking part in free events around town sponsored by Parks Departments, businesses and more!

Coupon Swaps: Once per month, I plan a date for a Get Together + Coupon Swap.  Anyone is welcome, with or without coupons!  We meet in a common public location and share coupons we won't use, while hopefully gaining some that we can.  The point is not only to gather more coupons but to get to know other couponers in the area and share tips, ask questions, etc.

Giving Back: I love that as a "couponer" I am often able to take home several of an item for free or cheap, and one of the ways I try to share the love is by sharing with those around me or in my community that are in need.  While I may not be able to give a lot financially, I can use my time and talents to share food, pantry, toiletry and personal items.  However it is that you choose to give, I try to highlight ways that you can give back to our community and beyond.