Saturday, January 16, 2010

Early Sunday Papers.. Are they Worth It?

It's Saturday again, time to get your Early Sunday papers... Is it worth it? Two weeks ago we were all excited about 5 inserts and the Early Sunday Star Tribune let us down. Last week, expecting 2 inserts, the Early Sunday Star Tribune only had 1, so I ventured into new territory and bought the Saturday Pioneer Press. (For some reason, I never considered this before. It is also a Twin Cities paper, and apparently gets the same inserts as the Star.) It was $1, but had both inserts!

So, what gives? I like buying the paper early. You all know I don't like to pay anything for anything, especially if I can get it for less - so I LOVE to get my coupons on Saturday for .75 or $1, but I don't want to miss out, either! I can't share the best deals out there if I don't know about the coupons in the paper.

Reader Danielle let me know that she called the Star Tribune this week, and they shared with her that the Early Sunday should have all the scheduled inserts, meaning the same inserts that the Sunday edition will have. So, if they don't have all the inserts, there was a machine error. So... The good news is, we should be able to get our papers early at a discount, and still get all the inserts. But, your best guess is to check the inserts before you buy the papers. This week, we should be seeing 2 inserts, a Smartsource and a P&G. If you're not sure how many inserts are scheduled for a weekend, check here to see how many to expect. And, if the Star Tribune for some reason doesn't have them all, the Pioneer Press seems to be a reliable backup plan.

I hope any of this is helpful to you all! Is it worth it to you to buy the paper early? If so, what paper do you buy?

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  1. I am glad you wrote this. I too had the same problem with the Early editions the past two weeks. I was quite irritated. Hopefully we will continue to see all the inserts on Saturday, but I definitely learned my lesson to leaf through them all.