Sunday, February 28, 2010

LAST CHANCE - Marathon Registration Coupons!

Tonight is your last chance to get this special discount for Fargo Marathon Registration. Wahoo! I just registered myself for the 10K and am already questioning my mental health. Lord willing, I will cross that finish line May 22nd.

In any case, use the following codes at registration to receive the discount through TODAY, Febrary 28:

FARGOFULL = $10 off the Full Marathon registration
FARGOHALF = $5 off half marathon registration
FARGO10K = $3 off 10k registration

For more info on the Fargo Marathon, go here.

To register, go here.

Who else is planning to participate? Are you walking/running/crawling? :)


  1. My entire family is going to participate in the Marathon. Two daughters and one son in the 1/2 marathon, one daughter and one son in the 10K and one daughter and myself in the 5K. We are all registered and very excited and ready for the challenge.

  2. Wow, that is inspiring Kathy! How cool!