Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunchables - FREE at Moorhead Hornbacher's!

I made my customary Tuesday late night trip to Hornbacher's last night. Since I never intend to put it off til Tuesday night, it usually involves some mixed feelings on my part. (For example, is it really worth it? Are the deals really that good? Do I really want to skip a half hour of the Olympics to go? You understand...) Well, last night I promised myself a quick run to Hornbacher's. I was so serious about this that I purposely left my coupon binder at home. I don't know why I do this. Every time I do this I miss out on an awesome reduced meat deal or some other unadvertised thing that would have been free had I brought my coupons.

Anyway, cut to the chase, the New Lunchables are only .99, making them FREE after the .75 coupon here doubles. (Be sure to print 2 per computer.) These make a great lunch for my kiddo on shopping days!

I looked closely at the tag and it looked as if this sale would run through 3/10, but it did say "This Store Only." (Moorhead Hornbacher's) So, for you that shop at other Hornbacher's locations - you might want to print the coupon anyway and take a look. I often find these make their way to the "reduced for quick sale" meat spot for .99, so it's a good coupon to have on hand even if your store doesn't have this sale.

Let us know what location you shop at if you find these!

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