Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Coupon Inserts and More!

My awesome husband just ran to Hornbacher's in Moorhead for me, as he was picking something else up in the area. There are a few things of note to share with y'all:

#1 Yes, those are inserts.  Two of them!  I found both inserts in the Saturday Star Tribune today!

#2 FREE soda!  As he was checking out, they offfered him a free 2 Liter of Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry.  Mmm.  Note: I find it somewhat disturbing that you can see me in the 2 Liter bottle.  I'm not sure why, it doesn't have a close expiration date, but hey, FREE!

Hope everyone else has the same luck finding coupon inserts for cheap today in the Saturday Star!


  1. got mine! I can't wait to see what deals you list for Sunmart this week!

  2. it was an advertised freebee for today

  3. Cool Freebie!

    I was bummed though with the inserts, where is our P & G. I think I will be calling them on Monday re: missing insert.

  4. It was a sweet freebie! Stacy, I never saw it advertised - where did you see it?

    Brittany, I've heard contradicting reports about the P&G - guess we'll have to see tomorrow whether or not we missed it or if it was bumped. Let us know what you find if you pick up a paper tomorrow...

  5. it was in their ad... bottom of pg 8

  6. Yep, there was a P & G in the ST today. I will just buy the specific coupons I want.