Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Discounted Local Gift Cards!

How cool is this? I was just recommended this site by a friend. Great Plains Live is a site where you can buy gift cards to local businesses at a reduced rate!

Head on over here to see all the discounts that are available. My personal favorite? Buy a $15 Rapid Refill gift card for $10! I LOVE Rapid Refill, but haven't gotten coupons in the mail since we moved over to Moorhead a few months ago, so this is PERFECT for me! I find that I use about one cartridge per month printing coupons.

Another fave?  The restaurant gift cards!  If you're willing to plan ahead with your eating out, you can save big!  And, since they are Gift Cards, you can still use coupons on your meal order if you have them. 

There are LOTS more! Even discounts for traveling to the Minneapolis area. Head on over here to see all the discounts that are available!

Choose delivery by USPS for an extra $1, or choose pickup to pick them up yourself in Fargo for no shipping charge!

EDIT: I ordered some Rapid Refill gift certificates just last night and was able to pick them up right away this morning.  They are located at 64 Broadway, at AM 1100 The Flag.  And, they were super friendly!

Thanks, Nathan!

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