Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Coupon Preview

If you head out today to buy your Star Tribune today, look for 2 coupon inserts, a SmartSource and a RedPlum.

EDIT: I've heard from a few folks that there's no RedPlum today.  Maybe tomorrow?  Hopefully!

For a full preview of the coupons included, head over to the Sunday Coupon Preview!

I just posted a full FAQ on buying the weekend papers for coupons. Check it out here!


  1. When I look at what is in the Red Plumb I'm not sure it is worth the extra $1.25 for it. Curious, what do you see in the RP that would be worth it to you?

  2. Good question. There's nothing that screams "I must have that" but I do think I'll use the $1 McCormick coupon, the Quilted Northern .50 coupon will double to $1 at our groceries and will go well with a rebate that just came out here: and the $1 Trop50 coupon.

    Not the most exciting insert ever, but there are a few that are worth it, to me at least. :)