Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekend Coupon Preview

Look for 2 inserts, a Smart Source and a Red Plum, in this weekend's paper. I've been out already and found both in my Saturday Star Tribune! (They're nice and big inserts, too!) For a full preview of the coupons, head on over to Sunday Coupon Preview.

Read more about why and when to buy the paper in our area here


  1. Thanks for the info on the newspapers. I have been buying the Sunday Star Tribune for a couple of years in order to get the better coupons, but I didn't realize they also can be found in the Saturday edition. As soon as I read your post, I ran over to SunMart to get a couple of papers, but sadly they were already sold out. Next Saturday I'll get going earlier!

  2. I was wondering how you know when a product/store has a catalina coupon? I was at sunmart for the cereal and I didn't see anything posted for the catalina deal, but one did print at the register.... Is there a website to see these deals?