Monday, May 10, 2010

Better than FREE Lunchables at Cashwise??

Today I stopped by Cashwise in Moorhead and used the last $1 Lunchables coupon I had on the Lunchables Subs that are on sale this week for $1, making them FREE after the coupon.  Already a good deal in my book.  Imagine me when a $1 catalina coupon spit out afterward! I try to keep up on these things, and nothing was advertised in the store, so I was really surprised! I think my cashier was surprised to see someone so happy to get a $1 coupon. :)

So, of course, I took my $1 "on your next order" catalina coupon and bought another lunchable. Then? You guessed it. Another $1 coupon!

Now, I can't find any mention of this Catalina except that some other grocery stores nationally ran this catalina back in April. I bought the new sub sandwiches that were on sale for $1, and I only bought one at a time. If you buy 2, I don't know if you'll get 2 coupons.

What I do know is that it rolls! That means you can use the $1 coupon to pay for your next purchase of the same item and get the coupon again! And, if you have the $1 Lunchables coupon from the 3/21 SS, you can pay nothing and still get the $1 coupon back! I love having a few of these around as a quick lunch for my little one if we're out shopping or want to eat at the park.

Please come back and let me know if you find any other details on this catalina promo, including end dates or if it's running at other stores. And, be sure to go get some FREE lunchables!


  1. It must be on the sub lunchables. I rec'd one catalina and put it toward my next order and didn't get another one after that. Thanks for the tip. We love to have them as a quick lunch or snack in the car. ;)

  2. It is working at the Fargo store too, and rolling. I tried a non sandwich variety and it didn't print a catalina so it must only be on the sandwiches.