Saturday, May 8, 2010

Couponing For Community Update + Stamp Out Hunger!

Wow, this Couponing for Community event couldn't have come at a better time. We really needed to pare down the food and toiletries items in our stockpile area, plus we were able to determine what to give away, what to keep and what to sell in my annual garage sale next weekend. Here's what we came up with:

Food for Stamp Out Hunger

I try to challenge myself to give generously, even with healthful foods we know we will eat in time. Some of the other items I got for free or close to free with the purpose of donating.

Interested to know where your Stamp Out Hunger food donations are going? According to the Fargo Forum, Moorhead donations will go to the Dorothy Day House, donations from north Fargo and West Fargo will go to the Emergency Food Pantry and donations from south Fargo will benefit the Great Plains Food Bank.

Toiletries and Other Items for the Dorothy Day House

There are a few items here that I paid less than .25 for, but almost all of the items here were FREE or better than FREE with coupons!

It feels great to have a place to give all these items where you know someone can use them. It also feels great to know that while providing for my own family, I can help others out in the process!

I'm curious if any of you chose to donate to Stamp out Hunger? Does anyone have any other ideas for organizations accepting donated items in our community?


  1. Churches United in North Moorhead takes donations. In the past they have also greatly appreciated items for women and children.

  2. Wow! What bountiful giving from the blessing of your stockpile!

  3. I think the dorothy day house is for guys...I was trying to think of another place that could really use women's paper products. Any other ideas?

  4. Bre - yes, a good point! I know that the house itself is for men, but the Dorothy Day Food pantry also takes non-food donations for the families that "shop" at the pantry. Sorry, should've been more clear... :)

  5. The YWCA women's shelter is a good place to donate women's stuff; they are located on S University in Fargo.