Sunday, May 30, 2010

General Mills Insert Today??

Has anyone else heard this?  Even though no coupon inserts are scheduled this weekend, in some other parts of the country, people are reporting getting a small General Mills coupon insert in the paper...  I won't be able to check and report back til afternoon, so if there's anyone out there that normally buys the paper and saw this, will you let us all know?  Thanks! 

PS - We got our first attempt at a garden put in yesterday (in the 90 degree heat!) and the cool breeze this morning feels amazing!  I really hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, too!


  1. There was just one unnamed coupon insert in the Tribune yesterday. I haven't seen a Forum today to see if it is the same thing you are talking about or not, but there are some GM coupons in it and Suzi Orman is on the cover.

  2. The Forum also had the same insert today.