Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend Coupon Preview

We should be expecting 2 inserts this weekend, a Smartsource and a RedPlum. For a full preview, head on over to the Sunday Coupon Preview.

Reader Suzette already let me know that there is only 1 insert in the Early Edition of the Star Tribune this morning, such a bummer!

So, might want to wait for tomorrow to buy the paper with both inserts, or buy today if you're just interested in the one. I'm still out at our Annual Garage Sale and haven't been out to buy papers - does anyone which insert is included?

Want to know why I buy the Start Tribune, or why I buy it on Saturdays? Because I love to get a discount, even on my coupons! Head over here to read more.


  1. The smartsource was the one in the early Sunday paper

  2. Hi, got the early edition Star Tribune. There was 2 inserts plus two of my papers had double Smartsource inserts(bonus). There was both Red Plum & Smartsource. Plus $5 coupons for Zigered OTC in Parade.
    Shirley G

  3. Shirley, you are lucky! Where did you pick up your papers? I checked at SunMart in Fargo, and there was only a Smartsource insert in the Star Tribune.

  4. Hubby looked all over and could only find 1 as well but then we were in Dilworth checking out their garage sales and I found the ST at Casey's Gen. Store with both inserts plus 1 paper had 3 extra SS in it! CRAZY! I think there were less than 4 left which would have been around noon. Not sure why Dilworth would get both but not Fargo?

  5. Yeah for Dilworth! That's a great tip, I'm sure different cities are on different routes. The mistakes are usually machine-made and in batches, so I guess it makes sense.

    Thanks everyone for sharing - that's what I love about you guys!

  6. That's funny...I was at your garage sale yesterday without realizing it. It was around 1:30 Saturday. I think you were sitting in the driveway playing with a young child?

  7. Hey Sheila,
    I got 3 papers yesterday and they all had the SS and 2 of them had the RP.