Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hornbacher's $2 CRT Survey!

Watch your Hornbacher's receipts!

Just Friday I got an offer for a $2 coupon off my next purchase if I take a short survey on the phone! The offer printed at the bottom of my cash register tape (CRT). About this time last year, they had a similar survey, but the offer was for a free loaf of Tunisian bread from the bakery. That was nice, but $2 off my order is cash in my pocket, baby!

Plus, I enjoy the surveys. They're brief and allow you the opportunity to give positive and negative feedback. As a business person, I understand how important it is to receive honest feedback from your clients.

Note: I went again yesterday (of course, forgot to use the $2 coupon) and my CRT had an offer for a "chance to win" a grocery gift card or something like that after you took the survey. So, have you been to Hornbacher's in the last week or so? Did you get either offer on your CRT?


  1. I had a $5 survey offer for Oscar Mayer on my receipt, so maybe I'll see that in a few weeks...

  2. Oh, rats! I was at Hornbacher's last evening, too, and I threw away the receipt without paying any attention to what was at the bottom. Thanks for the heads-up, and I'll watch more closely in the future!