Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HOT High Value $2 Gold'n Plump coupon!

I've never seen a Gold'n Plump coupon worth more than $1, but today you can head over here and click the lower "Request Coupon" button (the one with no image next to it). You'll be prompted to login, then you'll be directed to print a $2 coupon good on ANY Gold'n Plump Chicken!

Print limit is 1. Print it while it lasts, smaller packages often go on sale or are reduced to $2 or less, so FREE after this coupon!

Common Sense With Money!


  1. I was just informed at Moorhead Cashwise today that they will no longer be accepting coupons that make items free-even when doubled. I'm guessing this is YMMV but I was going to see if you have gotten this yet? Could be quite annoying and there is not legitimate reason for it.

    I tried getting the bounty paper towels, using a $.50 q and she would not even just give me the $.50. Interesting.

  2. I've not heard this. Anyone else out there heard this?

  3. No I had not, but I will not be going to Cashwise anytime soon. It's bad enough we get less/crappier coupons than other cities and that our grocery stores don't give us the deals other store in the country do. You'll never go the the grocery store in Fargo and only pay $1 for your entire weekly list. Boo to Fargo grocery stores. Couldn't they at least have a triple coupon day?

  4. I have not heard anything about this! I will be so bummed if this happens...anybody thought about calling Moorhead to see what will happen?

  5. That's horrible. The store is getting the fees from the manufacture, so they are getting SOME money. I think they should live up to their policies.