Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Limited - Fashion Cash!

While you're at the mall this weekend, head over the The Limited for a sweet deal! They're offering "Fashion Cash" through Sunday, which is basically $10 off any purchase (includes regular sales, and excludes clearance). You have to ask for the Fashion Cash coupon, but then the store is yours! If you're looking to snag a freebie, or close to freebie, head over to the hair accessories and jewelry. Hair accessories start at $10.50 (only .50 after Fashion Cash!) and jewelry starts at $14.50 (only $4.50 after Fashion Cash!)

I found an adorable sparkly beaded headband for my daughter to wear in an upcoming wedding (she's the flower girl!). I believe it was $12.50, so only $2.50 after the Fashion Cash. She was so proud, she wore it the rest of the day before I snagged it to put in safely away til the wedding!

Let us know what you find if you head out!

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