Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Minute Get-Together + Coupon Swap Tomorrow Morning!

I'm feeling a little dense, I posted this yesterday over at FM Cheapskate's Facebook page, but forgot to post it here on the blog!

It's a bit last minute, but if you're able to, come on out tomorrow morning to West Acres and meet some fellow coupon friends and swap coupons if you'd like. We'll find a corner of the food court from 9-11 tomorrow morning, and you can feel free to come and go if you need to. On Facebook? Let me know if you plan to attend!

I've really enjoyed these in the past. There's no serious agenda. A few times there's been a dozen people clipping and swapping, and once there were just 3 of us, more interested in chatting and sharing tips than swapping coupons. It is really for you!

Can't make it tomorrow? Pencil in Tuesday, Augst 24th from 6-8. We'll do it again for those of you that prefer weeknights.

See ya tomorrow morning!

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