Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunmart General Mills Promo just got Even Sweeter!

It was a pretty good General Mills promo to begin with, but things just got a little more exciting at Sunmart this week!

As I reported in the Sunmart Weekly Deals, you can get a pretty good deal on lots of General Mills items this week by combining sale prices, coupons and an instant savings promotion.

Add in a few Catalina deals and the deals get even sweeter!

Here are 2 Catalina Deals running at Sunmart through 9/5. I was able to confirm these tonight at Sunmart. Thanks again to the sweet gal I met at the Moorhead Sunmart who let me confirm by looking at her Catalina coupons! It was great to meet you!

Updated: My faulty math has been updated.  The deal is not a money maker but still a great price on these items!  Thanks, Sarah!

Nature's Valley and Fiber One Chewy Bars
Buy 3, receive a $1.50 Catalina coupon back at checkout (to use on your next order)
Buy 4, receive a $2.50 Catalina coupon
Buy 5, receive a $3.50 Catalina coupon

and another...

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Buy 3, receive a $1.50 Catalina coupon
Buy 4, receive a $2 Catalina coupon
Buy 5, receive a $3 Catalina coupon

So, here's a deal scenario for ya:
Buy 4 Fruit Snacks @ $1.99 each
Buy 6 Fiber One Bars @ $2.49 each
Total: $22.90
Use 2 .50/2 Fruit Snacks coupons here (will double to $1/2)
Use 6 .50 Fiber One coupons here, here and here (will double to $1 each - you can do this with 1 computer if you print 2 from each site)
Plus, the register will take off an additional $5 instant savings for buying 10 participating GM items
Pay $9.90, receive $2 and $3.50 Catalina coupons
Final price: $4.40 for all 10 items, only .44 each!

So, as you can imagine there are plenty of scenarios. You can mix and match these with other participating items as well. Come back and let us know how you made it work for you!


  1. Awesome Deal Sheila!

    Hope you don't mind me linking you on my blog-

    fiber one bars ane delicious and great for low weigh watcher points for when I go back in Dec!

  2. You can get it for a tad bit cheaper if you buy 5 of each.
    5 fruit snacks @ $1.99 = 9.95
    5 fiber one @ $2.49 = 12.45
    Total= $22.40
    Less 2 fruit snacks coupons -$2
    Less 5 fiber one coupons -$5
    Less promotion WYB 10 -$5
    Total = $10.40 OOP
    Then get back $3 fruit snack catalina and a $3.50 fiber one catalina which is like paying $3.90 or 39 cents each.

  3. Hey don't forget about the great meat deals going on Thursday only. 90% ground meat only 1.99 a pound!!! Some other great deals thru Saturday.

  4. Does anyone know if these catalinas are rolling? EG. can I use the fruit roll ups catalina to buy more fruit roll ups and still generate another catalina at checkout?

  5. Usually they do roll, but I haven't confirmed it or read that it's been confirmed for this specific promo.