Friday, September 24, 2010

Reader Questions - Answered!

I'm excited to start a new series around here called Reader Questions - Answered!  I'll need you to keep emailing in questions to me at fmcheapskate @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces). If you've emailed me questions before and haven't gotten a response, please feel free to email again - I get LOTS of email and would love to answer your questions as part of this series if I'm able!  That being said, I'd love to give others the opportunity to answer as well.  If you'd like to add something, leave a comment!

Let's start out with a few questions from reader Carrie:

Question #1: When you get a Catalina that says “manufacturers coupon” (say from Sunmart), can it be used anywhere even with the store name on it?

Answer: Yes, you should be able to use it anywhere, as it is a manufacturer's coupon and has a "remit to" address on it. Unfortunately, since they also advertise the name of the store on the Catalina, most other stores will not accept them for fear of not being reimbursed. I have found, however, that Cash Wise in Fargo and Moorhead are very well informed that these are manufacturer's coupons and it is the Cash Wise policy to accept them.  Did you know that Cash Wise even accepts Walgreens Rewards?  They are manufacturer's coupons just like a Catalina that printed at any other store!  I have encountered a few cashiers who aren't aware of this, but every time a management team member is asked, they've accepted the coupon. 

But, before you dismiss the other stores, I have a friend who gave a Hornbacher's manager the information above and was allowed to use a Catalina from another store, since it is in fact a manufacturer's coupon.  I was amazed, because I've asked at both Hornbacher's and Sunmart locations and they've never accepted them before.  Maybe I just haven't been persistent enough?  What has YOUR experience been with this?

Question #2 Is there anywhere in town that accepts expired Manufacturer's coupons?

Answer: Not that I know of.  So, I'm asking the rest of you...  Do YOU know of anywhere in Fargo Moorhead that does?


  1. That is good to know that CashWise will take register rewards. There are some weeks that I don't buy very many items with register rewards if I know there isn't much on sale the next week to spend them on.

    Another thing I would love to see on here is a list of local restaurant specials. I know that it would take a lot of work, but I think readers would be willing to help out.

  2. Cashwise takes RR's?? How exciting. Awesome find Sheila.