Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Restaurant.com $25 Gift Certificates for $2!

Use promo code GIVE at Restaurant.com through 11/15 to buy $25 Gift Certificates for participating restaurants for only $2! That's 80% off!

Here's how the deal works:
Search Restaurant.com for participating restaurants in your area.

Be sure to read the terms, which differ for each restaurant. (Usually a $25 gift certificate can only be redeemed on a $35 or more purchase.)  If this is the case, purchase your meal in the range of $35. Then, use your $25 gift certificate and pay only the $10 or so difference, the gratuity and the $2 for the certificate!

Add $25 gift certificates to your cart and use code GIVE to save 80%! Most gift certificates will be only $2!

Certificates will be emailed to you right away and can be used immediately!

Restaurant.com makes it so easy, you can even view menus for most restaurants right on their site!

If you have any questions about the terms, just call the restaurant ahead of time. Only one of these can be used per table, and usually won't include the cost of alcohol.

In the Fargo Moorhead Area, we have 2 participating restaurants: Stella's downtown Fargo and The Hub at Playmaker's. Don't purchase a "Silver Spoon Supper Club" certificate! I noticed they are still available at Restaurant.com, however the business is closed.

These are great for travel as well. I will be out of town one day this week and just purchased a certificate to use for lunch at a neat looking local restaurant where we'll be visiting. There are LOTS of restaurants available in Minneapolis/St. Paul as well, so if you are planning a weekend you could use several of these and save gobs on eating out money!

I've never mentioned these before because at one point we didn't have any participating restaurants. Now I'm so excited to try it out! Have you purchased Restaurant.com certificates before? How was it!


  1. Thanks, Sheila! I have never tried Stella's but now we have an excuse to go there for a date night.

  2. My family just returned from a lovely dinner at Stella's in Fargo. We used the $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate which was readily accepted. Our total bill for 3 entrees and 3 sodas came to $32 including a required 18% gratuity.
    The atmosphere at Stella's was pleasant and relaxing. Our server, Monica, was very attentive. The egg plant parmesan and the manicotti were delicious, but my teenage daughter thought the chicken alfredo was a bit lacking in flavor. We were far too full to order dessert, but I know from a previous visit to Stella's that they have wonderful cheesecake.
    Based on this experience, I would definitely recommend Restaurant.com!