Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coupons to Use by 12/31!

Lots of coupons will be expiring at the end of the year, which is Friday!  Here's a few you may want to consider using and where you'll find the best deal:

$1 off any Fisher Product from the 6/20 SS - Sunflower Seeds are only $1.23 at SunMart, so $0.23 each after coupon!

$1 off Pampers Kandoo Wipes from the 4/4 and 9/26 PG - 40 ct Wipes packages are $1.65 at Target and Walmart, making them only $0.65 after coupon!

$0.55 Creamette Quick Cook Pasta from the 10/3 SS - Use at SunMart this week where Creamette Pastas are $1.25, only $0.25 after coupon (as long as Quick Cook is included).  Or use at Cash Wise where the regular price is $1.35, or $0.35 after coupon!

$1 off any Tide Detergent (doesn't exclude trial size) from the 11/28 PG insert - 1 load pouches found in the travel size are $0.97 at Target and Walmart, so FREE after coupon!

$1 Franks Hot Sauce coupon from the 10/3 SS - use at SunMart where the small bottle is $1.23, only $0.23 after the coupon!

$1 Bagel Bites coupon from the 6/13 SS - use at SunMart Thursday or Friday where Bagel Bites will only be $1.88, or $0.88 after coupon!

$0.50 Thai Kitchen coupon from the 10/10 RP - use at Cash Wise, SunMart or Hornbacher's where the rice noodles are around $1, so close to FREE after doubled coupon! I'll use it at Cash Wise with some other items to help my pre-coupon total get to $30 for the FREE item!

$1 Reach Floss from the 3/7 and 5/16 RP - Find these for $0.99-$1.02 at Walmart and Target, so FREE or close to it after coupon!

$0.50 Wacky Mac from the 5/16 SS - Wacky Mac is around $1.45 at Cash Wise, SunMart and Hornbacher's, so $0.45 after coupon!

$1 Energizer Coupon from the 10/3 and 11/21 SS - Eveready batteries are in the dollar spot at Target, so FREE after coupon! (Eveready is an Energizer brand for those that might not know.)

$0.75 Tic Tac coupon from the 10/3 RP - My guess is that these will be FREE or very cheap at Cash Wise, SunMart and Hornbacher's, where it will double to $1!

$0.35 West Pac or Flav R Pac Vegetables from the 9/19 SS - use at Cash Wise this week where West Pac veggies are $1, or $0.30 after coupon!

You might also want to check your stash of FREE item coupons.  Many of mine expire 12/31.  I'll be taking them to Cash Wise to try to get my pre-coupon total to $30 without paying much out of pocket and still get the FREE item!  What coupons do you plan to use before the end of the year?


  1. Sunmart Holiday Bucks expire on 1-1-2011

  2. Thai Kitchen bowls are on sale for $1.25 at SM. Creamette Quick cook noodles are included in $1.25 pasta sale at SM.

  3. Just saw that Bagel bites are advertised as $1.68 in Hornbachers new ad.