Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Birthday Giveaway!

I have so enjoyed this last week and a few days of giveaways. I hope that you've enjoyed it as well! I've also had quite the year of sharing deals with you here at FM Cheapskate. Thank you for reading, sharing with your friends and for the feedback I get from you all! You've made FM Cheapskate a community and it's one I'm proud to be a part of!

This final giveaway is courtesy of Nature's Prime Organic Foods.  I recently purchased a Groupon deal for Nature's Prime Organic Foods, because over the last year my family has been making the switch to organic, grass fed meats (and some other products as well) and it can be difficult to get a great deal on them!  I don't mind paying more for products that are organic, grass fed and local, but I'm still a girl on a budget! 

Anyway, I called to place my Groupon order for a whole ham and got to talking with one of the owners, who was taking orders because it's a busy season.  After getting the primer on where Chaska Minnesota is (where Nature's Prime Organic Foods is located), we talked about the most recent snowstorm, the benefits of eating organic (we both agree it's the taste), I ultimately placed my order and wound up with tonight's giveaway for you.  Talk about customer service! 

I'll let you know how the ham is after Christmas.  (I suspect it will be fabulous!)  But, two readers will get to try out some Nature's Prime Organic Foods for themselves with a $50 Gift Card!  You will have your choice of organic grass fed meats, organic produce, even organic fair trade coffees and teas. Check out all the products available here as well as their Facebook page!

To enter, submit the form below.  I'll close the form and announce the winners sometime after 9:00 PM on Monday 12/20!

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