Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekend Coupon Preview

Typically on holiday weekends we don't see any coupon inserts scheduled, but this weekend there is a P&G insert.  To see what's included, head over to the Sunday Coupon Preview

The Forum, St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune should all have this insert today.  The Forum and Tribune are $2, but look for the Pioneer Press for only $1!  I think it's only sold on the Minnesota side of town.  Plus, the P&G insert is one where the values don't typically vary from market to market, so the same insert should be available in any paper!

Then, if you're a big time planner (or just curious!), head over to the Sunday Coupon Preview to find the Coupon Insert Schedule for 2011.


  1. WHAT?!? I haven't even looked ahead - that is AWESOME! Prep those scissors. :)