Monday, March 21, 2011

Cash Wise Deals 3/20-3/26

Fargo Moorhead Cash Wise locations double coupons everyday up to $1! Coupons less than $0.50 double their face value automatically. Coupons with a face value from $0.50-$0.99 double to be worth $1, and coupons with a face value higher than $1 are accepted at face value.

Birds Eye Vegetables (12 oz Steamfresh Corn, Peas, Broccoli Cuts, Green Beans, Mixed Veggies) FREE with Cash Wise in store coupon and $30 purchase!

Cash Wise In store Kraft Coupon: Save $5 when you purchase 10 participating Kraft Items: (all prices listed below reflect the $0.50 savings per item)

Kraft Jello $1.98
Stack with the $0.75 Jello printable (no longer available - will double to $1 each)
Plus, buy 2, get a $1 Catalina coupon
Buy 3, get a $2 Catalina
Buy 4 or more, get a $3 Catalina!

Final price: as low as $0.31 each when you buy 4 (and 6 other participating items) after coupons and catalina

Kraft Cheese Singles, 12 oz $1.48
Stack with the $0.55 coupon from the 2/13 SS insert (will double to $1)
Final price: $0.48!

Kraft Cheese, 5-8 oz Shredded or Chunk $1.38
Use the $1/2 coupons from the 3/13 SS inserts
Or the $1/2 coupon from a coupon book found around the holidays (I can't seem to remember what coupon book this was from, but my Kraft coupons expire 3/31)
Final price: $0.88 each!

Capri Sun $1.28!

Kraft Dressing, 16 oz $1.38
Look for $1 off produce when you buy 2 dressings coupons on the shelf near the products!

Kraft Velveeta, 2 lb $4.48


Cash Wise In store Full Circle Coupon: Save $5 instantly when you purchase 10 participating Full Circle Items: (all priced listed below reflect the $0.50 savings per item)

Full Circle Tortilla Chips, 9 oz $1.28

Full Circle Yellow Onions, 3 lb $2.38

Full Circle Clamshell Salads, 5-9 oz $2.47

Full Circle Tilapia Fillets, 12 oz $4.48

Full Circle Alaskan Cod Fillets, 12 oz $5.48



Large Lemons $0.39 each

Braeburn Apples $0.88/lb

Red On the Vine Tomatoes $1.88/lb

Pink Lady Apples, 3 lb bag $2.97

Navel Oranges, 8 lb bag $3.97


Betty Crocker Pizza Crust Pouches $0.25 when you buy 4 with Cash Wise in store coupon (Limit 4)!

Food Club Lasagna, 16 oz $0.88 with Cash Wise in store coupon (Limit 2)!

Country Hearth Honey Wheat Bread, 24 oz $1.98 with Cash Wise in store coupon (Limit 2)
Stack with the $0.55 printable (will double to $1)
Final price: $0.98!

Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese $2
Use the $0.50 printables here and here (both will double to $1)
Final price: $1
Plus, use the in store Manufacturer's coupon to save $2 on chicken when you buy 2 Kraft Homestyle!

Kellogg's Mini Wheats, Little Bites and Crispix $2.34
Use the $1 Mini Wheats Touch of Fruit printables here and here
Final price: $1.34 each
Plus, buy 3 and get a coupon at checkout for a FREE Gallon of milk! If you would normally be paying $3 for the gallon of milk, you could consider the cereals to be only $0.34 each after the milk coupon!

Snacks and Drinks

Powerade $1
Use the $5 in store coupon when you buy 15
Final price: $0.68 each


Land O' Frost Lunchmeats, 6 oz Buy One at $2.75, Get One FREE with Cash Wise in store coupon
Stack with 2 $1 printables
Final price: $0.75 for both!

Boneless Pork Loin Roast $1.88/lb

Gold'n Plump 8 piece Cut Up Fryer, 3.5 lb $4.98

Use the $1.50 printable
Or the $1 printable (it looks like this is gone for the month)
Final price: as low as $3.48!


Food Club Sliced Cheese, 8 oz $1.98

Kemp's Yogurt, 5 lb $3.98
Wow, that's a lot of yogurt. If you have a use for it all or would freeze part to eat later, this is a great price!


Bellatoria Sunday Brunch Pizzas $2.96
Use the $1 coupon from the 3/13 SS insert
Stack with the $1/2 Cash Wise coupon from the in store Money Board (I believe these have been removed from both Cash Wise stores, but I printed this one earlier this month and it doesn't expire til 3/26)
Final price: as low as $1.46!

Food Club Potatoes, 16-32 oz $1.98

Bernatello's Frozen Pizzas $2.25


Ongoing Deals

French's Yellow Mustard, 8 oz $1.43 (Regular price)
Use the $0.50 printable (will double to $1)
Final price: $0.43

Bounty Basic Single Rolls $1 (through 4/2)
Use the $0.25 coupon from the 2/27 P&G insert (will double to $0.50)
Final price: $0.50!

Clorox Bleach, 96 oz $1.38 (through 4/2)
Use the $0.25 coupon from the 3/13 SS insert (will double to $0.50)
Final price: $0.88!

Cole Garlic Bread or Texas Toast $1.98 (through 3/26)
Use the $0.50 printable (will double to $1)
Final price: $0.98

Reames Egg Noodles, 16 oz $1.98 (through 3/31)
Use the $0.50 coupons from the 2/13 SS (will double to $1)
Or the $0.50 coupon from the February issue of All You Magazine (will double to $1)
Final price: $0.98!

Dakota Maid Whole Wheat Flour, 5 lb $2.49 (through 5/31)

Food Club Tator Treats or Crinkle Cut Fries $3.98 (through 3/26)
Unit price is $0.05/oz, or like paying $1.60 for a 2 lb bag - a pretty good price if you can use them all.


  1. You can stack the Gold n' Plump coupon with the $2 off chicken when you buy 2 mac and cheese. At least I was able to at the Moorhead Cash Wise. So, I got the 8 piece chicken and 2 things of homestyle mac and cheese for just under $4!

  2. There were also some man. coupons in the Cub ad on Sunday if anyone got it, that perfectly pair with the Kraft deal :)

  3. For the yogurt, you could freeze it and then scoop it out like ice cream for a "healthier" treat!

    Are the money boards permanently removed?

  4. Are you able to use Manufacturer coupons from the Cub food ad at local stores in Fargo? Has anyone tried it? I am wondering since it says on the coupon to redeem at Cub foods. That is a great idea if yes. :) Plus, are you able to stack additional manuf. Q's with the Cashwise Kraft 10 product coupon- not sure if it says on the cashwise coupon or not if you can use with other coupons.

  5. I brought the Cub foods manufacturer coupon to the Fargo Cash Wise today to see if i could use it, but the manager on duty this morning said it could only be redeemed at Cub Foods since it had Cub foods written on it. Bummer! It didnt' say only redeem at Cub Foods, but the manager today wouldn't take it. I had called in earlier and the person i spoke with then sounded like i could probably use it, but oh well!

  6. At the fargo location I found a coupon for 1.00 off produce when two kraft dressing were purchased (at the front of the store by the other ad stuff) and a coupon for free lettuce (actually 1.50 off, the lettuce ranged from 1.78-1.88) when a kraft parmesan was purchase (by the parmesan display near the meat dept.). Planned purchases anyway and so I got free (or next to free) produce. yeah! -Becky