Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HOT Kellogg's Deals at SunMart this Week!

Remember the Kellogg's rebate I told you about yesterday? There are several ways to use the rebate, coupons and FREE milk catalina promotion to get really inexpensive cereal this week at SunMart!

Merissa over at Little House on the Prairie Living has a very thorough post on all the ways to make it work! She has a Family Thrift Center store that is running the same promotion. Check it out and go get yourself some deals this week! Thanks, Merissa!

Remember, all cereals you want to submit for the Kellogg's rebate must be 10 oz or larger! Some of the cereals included in the sale do not qualify for both.


  1. Oh ha ha I'll take the 2nd scenario--$10 for 21 boxes of cereal and 3 gallons of milk! My Sun Mart $4 and $10 Catalina from Velveeta shells are expiring tomorrow... So Kelloggs here I come! (Nowhere else I can go to burn these Sunmart catalina I believe?)

  2. Technically, Cash Wise will accept them (since it doesn't say redeemable ONLY at SunMart), but good luck getting a cashier that won't argue it. I'd just do SunMart if I were you!