Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kohl's: $10 Gift Card for Expired Car Seats

Safe Kids FM, Kohl's Cares, Sanford Children's and the Fargo Police Department have teamed up to get unsafe, used and expired car seats out of circulation.  It's a great deal for you if you've got an expired car seat sitting in your basement or garage, or if your seat has been in any kind of accident.  Kohl's will provide a $10 Kohl's Gift card for each carseat turned in!

Bring your old, used and expired car seats and bike helmets to the Kohl's parking lot Friday April 29 from 3-7 PM or again on Saturday April 30 from 10-2!

Did you know that car seats expire?  Car seats are considered unsafe 6 years after the date of manufacture.  (You can usually find this date printed on the instruction label on the back of the car seat.)  I would encourage you to please please check your car seats!  (Don't forget the one in grandma's car, baby sitters car, etc...)  Also, car seats are not designed to be used after any kind of crash.  Is your child in the right type of car seat?  Check out local car seat safety recommendations here.

Bike helmets expire after 3 years, and old bike helmets will be collected at the event as well.  Bring your child to be sized for a new helmet for a $10 donation to Safe Kids.

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  1. Do you know if they are doing this again this year?