Friday, April 22, 2011

Lowes: Free Tree for Earth Day Saturday April 23!

Head over to your local Lowe's store tomorrow morning, Saturday April 23rd and pick up a FREE tree seedling in celebration of Earth Day!

Lowe's is giving away 1 million trees across the nation, and supplies are limited, so hurry in early to be sure you get yours! Our Fargo store opens at 7:00 AM.

The trees given out will be based on what will grow well in your local area. Cool, huh?  It's hard to pass up a neat freebie like this, but then my husband reminded me that we have too many trees (we live in an older part of town) and in fact we need someone to cut some of them down!  He's so right... we will not be picking up a free seedling.  :)  To those of you in newer parts of town and in need of trees, get your free tree and enjoy!

Thanks, The Full Circle Gardener!

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  1. There's a "Party for the Planet" at the Red River Zoo from noon till 4pm today. Free admission, free kid's activities ( They give away tree seedlings as well while supply last.