Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update from Cash Wise

I received a response from Cash Wise today and here is what was communicated to me regarding the use of the SunMart in-ad manufacturer's coupons at Cash Wise:

Cash Wise will not accept other store's in ad manufacturer's coupons, because according to the manager who emailed with me, Cash Wise will not be reimbursed. It doesn't make sense to me quite yet, as sometimes manufacturer's coupons from other stores ads don't mention that store. So, I still have questions that I'll address with corporate tomorrow, but for now I want to respect what they've said and won't recommend using the coupons from the SunMart ad.

Still some great deals at Cash Wise this week, though!

As always, I'll update after I get more answers for you all!


  1. Who did you email or talk to? That person was either confused or misinformed. I understand that this week's coupons are confusing in the sunmart ad, but in general they absolutely get reimbursed for manf's printed in store ads. Take it up with corporate and you will (should) get the right answer.

  2. did you get any more information on this?

  3. I have always used the Manuf. q from Cub Foods from the Pioneer Press at Cashwise and they have never even looked twice at them. Too bad :(