Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest Post: Free Book Deals for the Summer!

Today's Guest Post comes to us from Jenna Kahly, youth librarian at the Moorhead Library. She has plenty of ideas to share for getting your hands on more books for the kiddos this summer!  

Looking for some free books for your kids this Summer?  Look no further than your library.  Not only can you check out books, CDs, DVDs, and audio books for free, but all of the Libraries in the area have a Summer Reading Program which offers free, fun, family-friendly events all summer long!

Local Library Reading Programs

Here are some links to the local library pages with info about their Reading Programs:

Both the Moorhead Library and Fargo Libraries are offering a free book as a prize for completing a reading log with your child!  To complete the Moorhead library’s requirements, log 15 books or hours of reading and to complete the Fargo Library's requirements, log 30 hours to get your free book.

Want to double dip? The three library systems have an agreement where you can use all of the libraries as long as you have a library card from the system you live in.

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Journal

Pick up a Barnes & Noble Reading Journal (available to download here, or pick one up at Barnes and Noble or the Moorhead Library) to read 8 books to get another free book when you turn the journal in at your local Barnes and Noble!

More incentives to Get Kids Reading!

The Red River Valley Fair has a program called "Read & Win" for 6-11 year olds.  After completing 10 books each child gets a ribbon, gate entry to the fair and free popcorn!  The deadline for this program is 6/24, so hurry to complete and send in your form!

{FM Cheapskate here...  Now, Jenna is an FM Cheapskate reader and deal seeker herself, so she's put together a "Deal Idea" for you just like I do in the grocery lists!}

Deal Idea for the Summer:
Read 15 books or more totaling 30 hours of reading time
Fill out the Moorhead and Fargo library Reading logs and turn them in to get two free books for each child!
While at the Moorhead Library, pick up the forms for the RRV Fair and Barnes & Noble Programs. Turn those in and get another free book and gate admission and treats at the Fair this Summer!
Final tally: 3 FREE Books per child, plus FREE gate admission and treats at the fair this summer!

For the Younger Kiddos

If you have a child under 5, make sure you are signed up for the Imagination Library which sends an age appropriate book each month to your child until their 5th birthday.  Forms available at your library or online here!


Thanks so much for all the great ideas, Jenna!  We have always particpated in the Imagination Library and I would encourage anyone to sign up.  I am excited to get started on some of the summer reading programs, too!  Thanks again Jenna!  Say hi to her at many of the youth events at the Moorhead Library!

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