Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Ways to Help Flood Victims

I posted earlier this week some ideas on ways we can send help out west to flood devastated areas.  There are several more ways you can get involved and help out.  Here is what I've come across:

From Valley News Live on Facebook:
On Monday, June 27th from 8 am to 6pm, a drive-through and walk-up monetary donation area will be set in the southeast corner of the Fargo Holiday Inn parking lot (3803 13th Ave S). Donations from this event will go to American Red Cross Disaster Relief to help residents affected by flooding in Minot.  For more info, head to the Money for Minot webpage.

From Ms. Simplicity on Facebook:
Minot rescued pets need bedding, please repost on your page to get word out, CLEAN towels and cut up blankets, even clean sweatshirts, not sheets, these items needed for animals to lay on. Drop off at PetCo and PetSmart in Fargo. 

I called PetCo this morning and they are accepting Pet supplies of all kinds to be taken to Minot .  At this time, it was unknown when donations would be taken to Minot, so feel free to call ahead to be sure they are still accepting items.  If you plan to head to PetSmart this weekend, take along the coupon for 2 FREE Fancy Feast at Petco valid this weekend only!  These items would make great donations as well!

PetSmart is also accepting Pet supplies of all kinds, and expect items to be taken to Minot later this coming week. 

As more opportunities arise for us to give and share, I will keep you posted!


  1. Hornbachers are also accepting donations.

  2. Thanks for the info about this, we live in Fergus Falls, packed up part of my small stockpile.(we just started), went shopping at Cashwise and went to a drop off site to donate some items! For people who haven't shopped at Cashwise before, we really appreciated the discounts on gas!! Not only did we get 11 cents off a gallon, gas was only 3.39 at the gas station there!! We were sitting at 3.57 in Fergus yesterday! It's worth the drive for some of us to head up there together!