Monday, June 27, 2011

Pantene: FREE Product Coupons! (Facebook Offer)

Head over to Pantene's Facebook page, where they are giving away 100,000 FREE product coupons!

As of posting, there are still coupons available, so hurry to request yours!


  1. Oh ha ha! One night I decided not to go online for a change, and I missed my favorite shampoo!

  2. Wait, I just came home and saw on Frugal in Fargo that they have another give away at 2pm today. So I gave it a try and got it (around 9:15pm central time)! Happy dance!

  3. I couldnt make it to the donation drop off on Wed afternoon. However, I do have some things I really wanted to donate. Is there going to be another chance to do so in the name of FM cheapskate or couponers? If so, when and where?