Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend Coupon Preview

Look for 3 inserts this weekend in your Sunday Star Tribune, a SmartSource, a Red Plum and a Proctor and Gamble insert.

Update: Thanks to those of you that left comments letting us know that today's Saturday Star Tribune has all 3 inserts in the Fargo Moorhead area!  Get out and get a deal on your coupons today!

Normally our area sees only the SmartSource insert in the Saturday Star Tribune for $1, or the full set of inserts in the Sunday Star for $2. As always, if you happen to find a paper on Saturday with all the inserts, tip the rest of us off after you’ve purchased your own! Leave a comment here or over on the FM Cheapskate Facebook page!

For the full preview, head over to the Sunday Coupon Preview!


  1. Yes, all three were in the Star Tribune at SunMart on 25th Street!

  2. I picked up mine today at the Hornbacher's Express on University. All three inserts! As of 2:20 pm, there were two left on the shelf (as I was leaving the store).

  3. I bought the last Tribune at the Moorhead SunMart and it also had all 3 inserts.

  4. FYI- found it quite interesting that the SmartSource coupons for the Forum and Star Tribune were DIFFERENT. I never realized that before and it was purely accidental as I got one of each paper today. The Fargo one had coupons for Arby's in it unlike the Star Trib version(but fewer coupons overall for just the SmartSource AND there was no Red Plum insert)

  5. Brandi, I think that's interesting too. Some coupons included in the Forum are regional, so even the Star won't have them. Usually the difference doesn't get too exciting, but remember the Crystal Farms cheese coupon? :)