Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Coupon Preview

Look for 2 inserts this weekend in your Sunday Star Tribune, a SmartSource and a Red Plum insert.

Normally our area sees only the SmartSource insert in the Saturday Star Tribune for $1, or the full set of inserts in the Sunday Star Tribune for $2. As always, if you happen to find a paper on Saturday with all the inserts, tip the rest of us off after you’ve purchased your own! Leave a comment here or over on the FM Cheapskate Facebook page!

Here are a few exciting coupons I see:

$0.50 off Chi Chi's Salsa
$0.50 off Chi Chi's Tortillas
$1 off 1 Crystal Light
$0.75 off Ball or Kerr Jars

Red Plum:
$0.40 off Pillsbury Frosting or Brownie Mix
$2 off Dial Lotion or Body Wash
$3 off Tylenol Precise
$0.75 off Tic Tac Singles

For the full preview, head over to the Sunday Coupon Preview!

1 comment:

  1. Update from Sheila - Looks like both inserts are in Saturday's paper! Woo Hoo!