Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Coupon Preview

Look for 2 inserts this weekend in your Sunday Star Tribune, a SmartSource and a Red Plum insert.  Be sure to check your paper for coupons before you buy it, just in case!

Update: No coupons in Saturday's Star Tribune!

Normally our area sees only the SmartSource insert in the Saturday Star Tribune for $1, or the full set of inserts in the Sunday Star Tribune for $2. As always, if you happen to find a paper on Saturday with all the inserts, tip the rest of us off after you’ve purchased your own! Leave a comment here or over on the FM Cheapskate Facebook page!

Here are a few exciting coupons I see:

$0.50 Yoplait Yogurt, 32 oz
$0.50 off Yoplait 4 packs

Red Plum:
$1 Kettle Brand Chips
$1 Land O Frost Bistro
$0.75 off Quaker Life Cereal!

For the full preview, head over to the Sunday Coupon Preview!


  1. No insert, not even Smart Source at Walgreens downtown Moorhead, or the gas station across the street. :-(

  2. No inserts at Hornbacher's on 32nd Ave either. Strange not to have the SmartSource!

  3. No inserts at the Kum & Go on 13th Ave near 25th St either.

  4. I've read from someone's blog that, "...If The Star Tribune has extra inserts above what they need for the Sunday papers they will put the additional inserts in the Early Sunday Edition..."

    This person resells coupon inserts so she knows what she's talking about. Therefore I was disappointed but not too surprised to see no coupons.