Saturday, July 2, 2011

Couponing for a Cause - A HUGE Thank You!

Thanks so much to all of you who came out and braved the heat on Wednesday to bring your donations to the Couponing for a Cause donation drive! All said, so far you all have donated over $1700 worth of food items, personal items, pet and baby items and more! It was fun to add up the retail totals knowing that we only pay a small portion (or none) of that total using coupons. Thanks for giving to our neighbors in need out in the Minot area.

All the food, personal care and cleaning items were given to the Great Plains Food Bank to take to Minot. Pet items were taken to the pet stores collecting them.

To see an album of the donation items, head over to the FM Cheapskate Facebook page. I believe you can scroll through these pictures even if you are not a Facebook user.

I also know there are several of you who couldn't make it on Wednesday, but still have items to donate. The Great Plains Food Bank has made it super easy to do. Just drop your items off next time you head to any local grocery store or Walmart store and put your items in the Minot Flood Relief Bins. And, if you're willing, email me a quick picture of your items and a rough estimate of the retail value, and I'll add it into our photo album!  Email me at Thanks!

If you'd like to volunteer your time, the food bank will be sorting these items before they're sent. Head over here for more info or give their volunteer line a call at 701-232-6219 for more information on volunteering.

Again, what a great way to show the good that coupons and the people that use them can do. For more ways that you can help, just read the last several posts in the Giving Back category on this site for more ideas!

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  1. Which location's best for toy (new) donations? Don't wanna burden a food bank to ship toys to other organization. Thanks!