Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Coupon Preview

Look for just 1 SmartSource insert this weekend in your Sunday Star Tribune. Be sure to check your paper for coupons before you buy it, just in case!

It sounds like there are no inserts in the Saturday paper today. If you happen to find some, leave a comment here or over on the FM Cheapskate Facebook Page to let us all know!

Here are a few exciting coupons I see:
$0.75 off Cottonelle (2 4 packs or 1 12 pack or larger)
$0.75 off Diet Pepsi 12 pack!
$2 off Tide or Gain powdered detergent
$0.55 off Village Hearth Premium Buns

For the full preview, head over to the Sunday Coupon Preview!


  1. Being curious about this-- Sunday Coupon Preview does not mention Diet Pepsi nor Village Hearth coupons. Last few times when this happened, FM Cheapskate was always right.

    Sunday Coupon Preview seems to be the one and only site everyone refers to. However it does cause me to miss some great coupons due to its incomplete previews.

    I know some coupons are regional... But when it's a coupon that gets mentioned in KCL, H2S etc than isn't it "national" enough to be mentioned in the SCP site?

  2. Great question. I refer people to SCP because it's the best national one out there that I know of. I also like that it's already written up and I can just direct readers there.

    Obviously it's incomplete at times, so here's where I get my regional info:
    I find this site difficult to navigate (even though I've used it for years) and a registration is required to use it. However, Coupon Mom's MN coupon database does a pretty accurate job of listing the Star Tribune's coupons each week. But I don't like referring people to a hard to navigate site, so I try to highlight the best ones in my preview. I hope that helps!