Thursday, August 18, 2011

Save Coin: $65 for a 2 Hour Home Deep Cleaning!

I have to hand it to the guys over at Save Coin.  I've been asking for this deal since I knew we would be expecting a baby early this fall.  A sincere thank you to whoever made it happen!

You know I am a cheapskate. You know I am frugal and try not to spend money frivolously. You may not know that cleaning and I don't always meet eye to eye.   I clean. Not as often as I think I should, but I can wipe a sink and vacuum a floor.  But deep cleaning and being 8 months pregnant do not go together in my book.   I am beyond thrilled that for a mere $65 I will be able to scratch "Deep Clean the House" off my "Before Baby Arrives" list.

Thank you Save Coin and FM Peachy Clean for offering this deal, as I'm sure you're running it just for me!  :)

Anyhoo, today's deal is $65 for a 2 Hour 2 Person Deep Clean of your Home!   The green cleaners, FM Peachy Clean are local moms who get it.  They also offer lots of other cleaning services.  It's a $150 value, but to me it's priceless.  Limit 1 per household, but you may purchase one more as a gift. (Know anyone expecting a baby?  Going though a tough family or medical situation?  What a blessing this gift would be!)  There are only 200 available, so act quickly if you plan to purchase one!


  1. So was it worth the $65? Heard not so great stuff... :-(

  2. So was it worth the $65? Heard not so great stuff. :( (oops forgot name)

  3. Really? They did a wonderful job here! They were super friendly and did a very thorough job. They did a great job with the nooks and crannies that I don't notice or take the time to get to. Normally, I wouldn't pay for a service I can do myself like house cleaning, but it was absolutely worth every penny.