Tuesday, September 27, 2011

World's Largest Ice Cream Social Tonight!

Head out to Coldstone Creamery locations tonight from 5-8 PM for the 10th Annual World's Largest Ice Cream Social to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation!

For each $1 donation to the Make a Wish Foundation, Coldstone will provide a FREE "like it" sized "Sprinkled with Wishes" creation.  This looks delicious, complete with brownies, fudge and sprinkles!

Make a Wish is an organization that means a great deal to my family and I hope you'll consider heading out tonight to support them in exchange for a sweet treat!  For full details, read more here!


  1. It looks like this is just a 3oz sample not the full 5oz "like it" version. Still a great deal and a great cause, just didn't want anyone to be disappointed.

  2. Wow Sheila you super woman still posting when baby #2's almost out! Good luck with everything and God bless you!