Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hornbacher's Coupon Policy!

Wowee, look what I found today! Hornbacher's has posted a coupon policy!  If you're a Hornbacher's shopper, you'll probably want to read it for yourself. Here are the highlights:

*Hornbacher's will accept one store coupon and one manufacturer's coupon per item.

*Hornbacher’s does not accept competitor coupons. (Coupons generated by any competitor with competitor logo are considered competitor coupons.)

*Hornbacher’s does not accept internet generated manufacturer coupons for FREE product without a required purchase

*Hornbacher’s does not accept internet generated manufacturer coupons with a redemption value that exceeds $5.00

*Hornbacher’s does allow store manufacturer coupons that state “do not double” to be doubled (up to the value of $1)


  1. So I was on today and printed out a few coupons. I have a question on them as I am new to couponing.

    I printed off a yoplait yogurt by general mills coupon for 40 cents off when you buy 6. Then in the tiny print it reads " void if altered copied, sold, puchased, transferred, exchanged or where prohibited or restricted by law including LA, NV, NJ, TN, & ND" so basically I can't use this coupon in this state?

    Some of my other coupons also have the "prohibited or restricted by law" but no states listed so am I still able to use these coupons in ND? I don't want to get into trouble lol.

    Finally some of my coupons state they can't be used with any other coupon so does instore coupons count for this? I am so confused. Please help!!!!!!

  2. ND has restrictions concerning dairy products. Strictly, they will not be allowed in ND, but I've read others have been able to use them. I always go to Moorhead... not worth the hassle, in my opinion.

    Secondarily, when it states the coupon may not be used with other coupons, it is talking about using 2 manufacture coupons for 1 item. You should always be able to use one store coupon with one manufacture coupon.

    Hope that helps.

  3. I've used that coupon in nd, but I'm wondering if it just depends on the retailer maybe. I stacked it with a target coupon and a cartwheel offer with no problem. I don't think I've had a problem with yogurt yet, but I have heard of others having issues. I wish we could get milk discounts, it's more expensive than gas!