Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cash Wise 8 Weeks of Savings Coupon Mailer

Look what came in the mail today!

Look forward to weekly deal matchups including these new Cash Wise coupons soon!


  1. Just for fun you can vote for your favorite coupon site at Let's vote for FM Cheapskate! (It's on the list of choices) ;-)

  2. Would anyone like my Cashwise coupons? I don't shop at Cashwise, primarily because my husband is a Hornbacher's employee, and we have a discount card for 15% off SuperValu brands (love this card!). I would be willing to drop it off somewhere in Fargo or mail it if you don't mind it folded up. Just email me,

  3. Hi Chris, I tried to email you but my email bounced back. If you don't get any other takers on your Cash Wise coupons, send them my way and I'll bring them to the swap on the 21st.

    FM Cheapskate
    PO Box 444
    Moorhead MN 56561

    Thanks for sharing! ~Sheila

  4. I'm a little less excited than usual with these coupons. Often I'm chomping at the bit to use them, but this time around only a few look like Great deals. The cheese shreds will be great. But many of the rest I will probably be leaving on the items in the aisles. Hopefully someone who doesn't like cheese will leave some out that I can use.

  5. That would be because I typed in the wrong email address. It's
    If I don't hear from anyone I'll bring them to the coupon swap, I'm really interested in trying it out!