Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SunMart Warm Up Winter Coupon Flyer

Look what I found in my Sunday Fargo Forum (from 1/1)! A SunMart coupon flyer called "Warm Up Winter with 8 Weeks of Savings." Did anyone receive this in the mail or have you seen them in stores?

These coupon sheets are great because they are store coupons, meaning you can "stack" them with Manufacturer's coupons for even more savings!  I'll do my best to include them in upcoming SunMart store deals.

1 comment:

  1. None of my friends got them thru the mail. Only found in the Jan 1st Forum. North Fargo store doesn't have it out in plain sight. Base on past experience it's better to ask customer service for a copy now, before they run low and get stingy on you. (one time I was only given the portion valid for that week!)

    Some nice savings. But stacking could be tricky, as most coupon limit discount on 1 product, and some manufacture coupons I found to stack with are $xx off 2 (or more). So you have to buy 2 items and 1 of them won't get the "8 weeks of savings" discount... Still a great booklet to have.