Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hot SunMart Coupon for $1 off any Grocery Purchase at ND Stores!

This week's SunMart sale flyers for the North Dakota stores contained a coupon for $1 off Our Family Gallon Milk, which isn't accepted in North Dakota.  Instead, Fargo and West Fargo SunMarts are honoring the coupon for $1 off any grocery purchase!  Use it to save $1 on produce or other items we don't normally see coupons for!

The coupon is found on the upper left hand corner of the sales flyer and states: Limit 1 per customer per visit.


  1. Yeah I chanced upon this yesterday. Now, I will be making twice daily runs. The cashier specifically told me that it will work on any purchase 1$ or over. I am planning on using this (I hope not abusing it) to stock up on their already great deals on spices in their discount Isle near the chips. I will probably buy 2 large spice containers (up to 8 oz total) and pay only 1$. I'm guessing I will finish the week with about 20 large container of spices (crushed red pepper, onion flakes, paprika, chile powder, basil, and garlic powder) for 10$ - quite a deal. I guess I could get 10 containers for $0, but since this was an unintended mixup, I just don't feel comfortable with that.

  2. I stock up on cheap OF frozen OJ, boxed seafood and margarine tubs, using OF internet coupons and that $1 coupon. What a deal!

    Sunmart in North Fargo has some flyer in store but all the $1 Milk coupons are missing!