Monday, March 12, 2012

March + April Swap Dates!

March and April Coupon Swap dates are scheduled!

Join me on March 31st and April 28th for our next Get Together + Coupon Swaps.

We will meet in the Food Court at West Acres Mall in Fargo from 10 AM - Noon both days. A swap is a totally informal gathering of coupon friendly folks looking to find some coupons they can use, get organized or just meet other couponers.  Anyone is welcome!  Bring coupons if you have some to share, we send them around the table taking what we can use and leaving the rest.  If you don't have coupons to share, but would like to come you are certainly welcome!  There are plenty of coupons to go around!

Also, if you have expired coupons bring them!  We collect them and turn them in to a nursing home in the area that collects, clips and sends them overseas to our troops and their families who can use them up to 6 months after the expiration date!

If you're looking for certain coupons, leave a comment on the Coupon Trades Page so others can help you out if they can!  See you then!


  1. Hey, Sheila, what nursing home collects the coupons for troups? Thanks, Traela

    1. We collect them at Elim Rehab & Care Center in Fargo. So far we've been sending expired coupons to families at 2 military bases in Japan, 1 in Italy, and 1 in Guam. With our current donors (Thank you so much!), we have about as many coupons as we can keep up with, but if any other facilities are interested in this project we would be happy to share info!