Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thunder, Laundry and More Late Night Ramblings...

I thought I better let you all know what's been going on in this household. We've had a few rounds of sickness... first our older daughter and then my husband has been sick for almost a week.  Throw in some travel and all the laundry associated with said sickness and travel and you have one overwhelmed mom, wife and friend (and a huge pile of laundry.)

Blogging about deals is the first thing that drops out when life gets going. I know you all understand... it happens to us all at times. Thanks for bearing with me when I need to put my family first. You are the best readers!  I'm hoping we might be on the upswing. I finally had a chance to open the computer and start going through emails last night!

Today we're having laundry fest around this house, so look for store deals later on today assuming that we emerge from under the pile.  Here's hoping!  And on a side note was anyone else startled out of bed by that terrible crack of thunder last night?  I'm so not ready for thunderstorm season yet!


  1. Take care Sheila!

  2. I hope you all recover quickly...just in time to enjoy the beautiful weather predicted for Saturday. And, yes, that was some unnerving weather last night!

  3. I totally hear you on being overwhelmed. Hang in there and you will catch up soon.
    As for that thunder, CRAZY!! It shook our light fixtures!!