Sunday, May 13, 2012

Deal on MLB Tickets, Concert Tickets and More!

I know it's Mother's Day today, but Father's Day is just around the corner!  Maybe this deal can help you save on otherwise costly tickets to an event for dad!

I am so proud of myself for finding this! Just yesterday I was planning ahead for a weekend to Minneapolis my family is taking this summer. We've been wanting to see the Twins in their new stadium since it opened.   Since we are already traveling to Minneapolis for a family gathering, we decided what better time to make it a bit of a vacation weekend and go to a Twins game!

I was lamenting the price of tickets (we'll be there during a premium series) when I thought I'd do a quick internet search to see if there was any other way out there to get a deal on MLB tickets.

Enter If you love Priceline or eBay, you'll love ScoreBig. You choose the number of tickets and seating level you prefer, then you give your best offer on MLB, NBA, concert and other event tickets. Depending on the offer, it will be accepted or rejected. If rejected, you can bid again on the same event and same seating rank 24 hours later or change any part of your offer and bid again right away.

It gets better if you're a daily deal fan! Through tonight at Moolala, get $30 to spend on tickets at for $7! The way I figure it is that even if I pay the full retail at ScoreBig, I'll still be saving $23 for buying a $30 credit for $7!  Plus, ScoreBig has no fees!

Here's how the deal will work:

1. Head over to Moolala and purchase the $30 ScoreBig deal for $7.  You'll get an email right away with your voucher code.  This deal is only available through 5 AM Monday morning!
2. Head over to ScoreBig and see what types of events you're planning on attending
3. When you're ready to check out, use your voucher code to take $30 off your total price!  Once purchased, your voucher doesn't expire for a year!

Have any of you used ScoreBig before?  What kinds of deals have you gotten with ScoreBig?  My first offer wasn't accepted, but I'll try again late tonight.  I tend to start low and work my way up with these kinds of bidding sites.  Is anyone else planning a trip that you can hopefully now save some money on?  I hope so!

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