Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Save Coin: $25 off Car Repairs at Matt's Automotive and a Deal on Redhawks Tickets!

Save Coin has a few deals worth mentioning right now!

First, get $50 worth of car repairs services for $25 at Matt's Automotive in Moorhead.

Or, get a 4 pack of reserved tickets to a Redhawks game for $22 (Like paying $5.50 per ticket!)


New to Save Coin? Sign up here to get started! Get a significant discount on dining out, entertainment, retail services and more when you buy a Save Coin voucher! Each offer is only available to purchase for only a day or two, but the vouchers are valid through the expiration date stated on the purchase page.  Save Coin vouchers are a great way to stretch your eating out dollars, clothing dollars and so much more!

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