Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FM DiNiNG: $10 for $20 worth of Starr Fireworks!

Today only at FM DiNiNG, get $20 worth of Fireworks st Starr Fireworks for $10!  You can redeem this through July 5th, but must purchase it today, 7/3.

Starr Fireworks is located just south of Fargo on I-29. 

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Love to get fireworks but last time I checked you can't set off your own fireworks within Fargo city limits, even on 4th of July?

    Also wondering other than SaveCoin, FM Daily Deals, and this FM DiNiNG, any other local daily deal sites? Love them!

  2. Check out Starr's website for their daily specials & mention the 'secret words' listed on their site for a FREE item! ;) If you are looking to put together a little family show, look for one of the Starr brothers they have been helpful to my family two years in a row! :) http://www.starr-fireworks.com/

  3. You're right... not legal within city limits I believe. As far as I know those are the 3 operating local daily deal sites - I love them, too!

    Thanks Full Circle Gardener! :)