Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding Coupons YOU Can Use

I'm reposting this article from before my blog, when I was only posting on my Facebook page.  I wanted to bring it over here so it could be archived.  Enjoy!


Friend and reader Miranda posted a link this morning to Malt-o-Meal's website, where you can sign up to print coupons and get other offers by email, I'm sure.  This brought an important idea to my attention that I thought I'd share about with y'all...  (I'm originally from KS, so I can say y'all, right?)

I often hear from people, "I never see coupon for products I actually use!"  To that I'd say, you don't eat cereal, use bath tissue or toothpaste?  Just kidding, those of you that know me know I would never say that, but I'm thinking it!  Instead, I should say, what do you use?  Would you like coupons for that product?  Chances are they're out there. 

If there's a product you use and are pretty brand-loyal to it, check the product's website!  There's a good chance you can either find a coupon to sign up to get them in the future.  I have a special email account set up just for junk mail and companies that send out email offers.  I delete a lot of "newsletters" but find several coupons in them as well!

Another idea?  Write to them! Is there a product you couldn't live without?  A certain deodorant or hair product that you always buy?  Email the company or manufacturer of the product and let them know, chance are they'll send you some coupons just for getting in contact!  CouponingtoDisney has some great ideas and inspiration to share here

How else do you find product specific coupons?  Share in the comments!

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