Monday, January 18, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip!

Wow, what a morning it was! CVS, Sunmart, Walgreens and Cashwise. Less than 3 hours and a net cost of only a few bucks for a car-load of soda and several grocery items. I'm so thankful for my super husband, Nate, who had the day off work and gave me some time on my own this morning to go shopping on my own.  Those of you that have little ones know what a blessing it is to be able to shop solo sometimes!


My first stop was CVS.  Pepsi 12 packs are on sale this week 3/$10, and when you buy $20 worth, you'll get $10 back in Extra Bucks (a coupon to use on your next purchase.)  There is a limit of 2, so you can buy a total of 12 12 packs for $40, get $20 back in Extra Bucks and submit for a $10 rebate here. (Sorry, those of you on the Fargo side, ND does not qualify for this rebate!)  Thanks Erica for tipping me off to this deal!  And, for the record, I know that this is an absurd amount of soda to buy at one time.  That being said, I don't mess around with free or close to free.  We're going to put it away in the basement and try not to drink it all at once!

Well, I chose to split my purchases since I had a $5/20 coupon and a $4/20 coupon.  If you're doing the math here, you starting to realize what a great deal this is!

Transaction #1:
6 12 packs=$20
$5/20 coupon=$15
I used extra bucks and a gift card to pay this, so I paid nothing out of pocket, and I received a $10 Extra Buck for purchasing the Pepsi.

Transaction #2:
6 12 packs=$20
$4/20 coupon=$16
Use the $10 Extra Buck from the first transaction=$6
Again, I used a gift card to pay this, so I paid nothing out of pocket and received a $10 Extra Buck coupon.

Assuming you paid the $15 and $6 and finished up with a $10 Extra Buck coupon, you will have paid $11.  Then, submit the $10 Rebate, and 12 12 packs will cost you only $1 + tax!

Let me just say for the record that I am a Diet Coke gal.  But you've got to remember that I don't generally like to pay anything for anything, so you know I'm going to be drinking some Diet Pepsi for awhile now.  Free will do that to ya.  :) 


Heading across the street to Sunmart, I found a few good deals and met a fellow couponer, Brittany.  Always fun to meet others who love to get a great deal!

2 Ragu @ .97 each = $1.94
Nash Brothers Baked Beans $1.25
Muir Glen Ground Tomatoes $2.50
Dakota Growers Pasta $1.67
Subtotal: $7.36
Used coupons:
$1.50 off any pasta when you buy 2 Ragu (In-Ad Manufacturer's coupon)
$1 off any Muir Glen product here
$1 off any Nash Brothers product here

Total: $3.76

No Ragu Catalina printed for me, but it was still an OK price for these groceries, especially since a few of the items were local or organic items, which I'm usually willing to pay just a bit more for.

Next stop, Walgreens

I don't normally post drugstore deals, since it would be largely time-consuming and there are lots of great bloggers out there already posting them.  But, this post is to show that, there are weeks when couponing pays off in a big way.  This is one of those weeks.  

I bought 10 cans/jars of Planter's peanuts (cocktail and dry roasted) at $1.99 for a total of $19.90

I used 5 $1/2 Planter's coupons from the 12-13 coupon inserts and the "Keep the Jingle in your Holidays" rebate booklet to bring my total down to $14.90
Lastly, I used the $1 Planter's Walgreen's coupon (which you can use in addition to a Manufacturer's coupon) from the "Diabetes and You" magazine in the pharmacy area.  This coupon deducts $1 for each of the items you purchased, so in this case, it deducted $10!
Paid out of pocket: $4.90
Submit for Planter's $10 Keep the Jingle in Your Holidays rebate (no longer available to print, but was also available in booklets in-store).
$5.10 Moneymaker!  And best of all, we love these nuts - I've made peanut butter with the salted cocktail nuts and LOVE to snack on the dry roasted ones!  Yum-O!

(I forgot to mention that I also bought 3 packages of Christmas Peeps on clearance for .07 each (very timely, have I mentioned we are potty training right now with our little one?!)

Last Stop: Cashwise

3 20oz flats Gold'n Plump Chicken Thighs @ $2 each
Used 3 .75 coupons here that doubled to be worth $1 each.
Total: $3!  Works out to be only .80/lb!
Plus, in the natural foods section, there were Kashi reusable bags available again.  Several weeks ago, these were out in the bagging area with a sign that said FREE.  I noticed these were hanging on a shelf with no price, and double checked that they were still out for the taking and brought home 2 of them.  Can't get enough of these little totes.  

Whew, what a morning. I'm tired.  On to the more important parts of the day: sledding!


  1. Hey, there! If you take another look at the Pepsi rebate, there is a way for us Fargo folks to do it (just requires the additional purchase of some Coors beer)... The rebate form has four separate options (2 of which are available for ND residents). Thanks for all your work today, Sheila!

  2. Thanks for letting us know - I didn't even realize the others were valid in ND! :)

  3. I'm sooo excited about this deal! We drink way too much pepsi at our house and this makes me very happy! Did you see they also have the $10 extra bucks available for tostitos/lays products that are 2/$7 right now?

  4. Yes, I did! Walgreens is actually running a similar deal this week, so I went to Walgreens today for Totstitos. I'm hoping I can send that in for the $7.50 rebate. It's been a GREAT shopping week!