Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Freebies - Need Your Help!


I just LOVE birthdays! Seriously, I know that some people start dreading them or at least generally not caring about birthdays at some point, but I LOVE birthdays. And, mine is just around the corner! I'm looking for a little help from my friends on this one, though. I know of only a few options in the Fargo Moorhead area for FREE things (like a free meal, dessert, coffee, etc) on your birthday. Now, I could call all kinds of places to ask, or I could just ask you all...

What birthday FREEBIES do you know about in our area?

If you know of something, any details you could provide in the comments would be great.  Thanks for your help!

PS - I am excited about a few freebies on my birthday, but actually I'm compiling a post for all of us for reference purposes.  So, this isn't entirely selfish in motive.  :)


  1. $10 off meal of $10+ at Spitfire Grill;
    free meal at Paradiso and Mexican Village;
    Applebees used to give a free Sunday, but don't know anymore!

  2. I started typing out where I got my free food at my last birthday, but instead I'll just post a link to my blog. I listed all the ones I got there. I'm interested to see what other ones you come up with!

  3. There is a list compiled at our church. I'll get it to you :)

  4. Free movie rental at Premiere Video

  5. Timberlodge and Red Lobster used to give a free dessert. Not sure now.

  6. I got a free scoop of ice cream at Chili's on Tuesday.


  7. The Speak Easy will give you a gift card that you can use whenever you want. You just have to stop in and pick it up on your birthday.

  8. If you sign up for the loyalty program (free), you get free lunch anytime in the month of your bday at Boppa's bagels.

  9. Free dinner at The Gallery in the Holiday Inn!

  10. I heard once about the deal at the Speak Easy, but had forgotten!

    Also, I've eaten at the Holiday Inn Galley Restaurant before, and would recommend it as a nice alternative to the Paradiso/Mexican Village free b-day dinners. :)

    Wow, keep 'em coming!

  11. Green Mill - join their birthday club for free!
    You sign up and within a month of your birthday (I believe a month before or after), stop in to enjoy a free one topping pizza (I think size medium). This club also offers discounts off your lunches. YUMMY!

  12. Free treat of your choice at Coldstone Creamery if you join their online club and print the coupon... and you have two weeks to use the coupon.

  13. Thanks everyone, keep 'em coming - I'm working up the post, and even then will be looking for additions!

  14. Free Carribou Coffee. Coupon emailed to you. Must be enrolled in online club. Valid only on your birthday.

    Free entree at Moe's Southwestern grill Coupon emailed to you. Must be enrolled in online club. Must used within a week (i think) of receipt.

    Free drink at Starbucks (they mail you a postcard) after joining their online club.

    Free drink at Dunn Bro's. Coupon emailed to you. Must be enrolled in online club. This one must be used ON your birthday.

    Free Rooty Toooty Fresh N Fruity @ IHOP. Coupon emailed to. Must be enrolled in online club. (You also get one emailed right after you join, and on your one year membership anniversary)

    Free small sandwich from Schlotzsky's. Coupon emailed to. Must be enrolled in online club.

    For the kids:
    KMart~ with kids club membership they get $5 to spend at the store
    Childrens place~they are emailed a 15% off coupon.

    I think there might be more but I can't remember them right now... =)

  15. Denny's-Free Grand Slam
    Fryn' Pan-Free Hot Fudge Cake
    Kids at Barnes & Noble enrolled in kids club-free cookie or cupcake.
    There has to be more than this, but I can't think of them at the moment.

  16. ANY entree on the menu at Grazies for FREE!

  17. I think most Mexican restaurants in town free meal
    Free sundae at Happy Joe's Pizza
    If enrolled in kids program you get $3 off anything at Toys R Us (mailed)
    Free alcoholic beverage at Old Chicago

  18. At Old Chicago you can stack your free beverage (up to $5 good on your bday only) and your $14.95 credit on your World Beer Tour Card (that is automatically added for your birthday, but I think you have a week or two to use)!

  19. Free dessert of your choice or alcoholic beverage at Buffalo Wild Wings

  20. The free meal

    The gold standard of birthday freebies, several local restaurants comp your meal on your birthday. Bon appetit, birthday boy/girl!

    Big D’s Bar and Grill: Free meal

    Denny’s: Free Grand Slam breakfast (shown above).

    Grand Junction: Free sub

    Grazies Italian Grill: Free meal

    Hooters: Free meal (up to $10)

    IHOP: Free meal (up to $10)

    Mexican Village: Free meal with purchase of entrée (equal or greater value)

    Old Broadway Grill: Free meal with purchase of entrée (5 to 10 p.m. Mondays during birthday month)

    Paradiso: Free meal

    Valentino’s: Free buffet with purchase of buffet

    Meal deal

    These places offer a discount for birthday guests, or gift cards good for use at a later date.

    101 Sushi: $15 gift card (with group of 5 or more adults). Otherwise, free deep-fried bananas.

    Acapulco Mexican Restaurant: Half-price meal and free sopapillas

    Broadway Classic Subs: Half-price sub

    China Garden: $2 off buffet

    Gallery Restaurant at Holiday Inn: $15 off fine dining entrée (after 5:30 p.m.)

    Giant Panda: Half-price meal

    Kobe Japanese Cuisine: $15 gift card and free dessert at end of meal (evening only)

    Mango’s: Half-price meal

    Speak Easy: $10 gift card (no purchase required)

    Speedway: Half-price meal

    Spitfire: $10 off any entree

    Super Buffet: Half-price meal

  21. Free gelato at Sweet Dreams Confections

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