Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunmart Deals 2/7-2/13

Looks like a few good ones this week at Sunmart!

80% Lean Ground Beef $1.77/lb, sold in econopacks

Premium Boneless Pork Chops, 3.14 lb (10 chops) $10
Not a necessarily a great price on pork chops (more then $3/lb), but I mention it because this is a great week to shop the "reduced for quick sale" section at your Sunmart store. If you haven't found this section before, ask at the meat counter and they'll show you. It's often a small section hidden in the back of the meat department. Now, this meat does need to be used within a few days or frozen for later use. However, this is one of my best tips for getting a great price on meat. When these econopacks of pork chops go on sale 10/10, you can often find the 10 packs for as little as $6 (less than $2/lb) in the reduced meat section!

Red or Green Grapes $1.47/lb

LaChoy Soy or Teriyaki Sauce $1.29

Use the .50 coupon here (you get the coupon after you play a silly game.) Hopefully you still have some of these .50 coupons around or can use another computer to print more! They will double up to $1.
Final price: .29

Trident Layers $1
Use the .75/1 coupon from the 2/7 coupon inserts
Final cost: FREE!

General Mills - Awesome Coupon Deals!
Buy 10 participating items, use in-store coupon for $3 instant savings. Since this is a Sunmart Store coupon, you can additionally use Manufacturer's coupon for these items to sweeten the deal. Prices listed below are after In-Store coupon savings of .30 per item:

Progresso Soup .99
Use the .25/1 coupon (will double to .50) from the 2/7 coupon inserts or the .50/2 (will double to $1/2) coupons from the 1/3, 1/17 and 2/7 coupon inserts
Final price: .49 each!

Betty Crocker Cake or Brownie mix .69

Betty Crocker Frosting $1.69
Use the .50 coupon from here, here, here, here and the 2/7 coupon inserts (all will double to $1)
Final price: .69

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, 8 ct .99
Use the .55/2 (doubles to $1) Grands Sweet Rolls coupon from the 11/22, 12/6 and 12/13 coupon inserts.
Final price: .49 each when you buy 2!

Use the .40/2 Grands Sweet Rolls coupons here or here.
Final price: .59 each when you buy 2!

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.69
Use the .50/1 coupon coupon from the 1/3 coupon inserts
Final price: .69

Use the .50/2 coupons here, here, here, and here (doubles to $1/2)
Final price: $1.19/box when you buy 2

General Mills Granola Bars $2.19
Use the .40/1 coupons here, here, here, here, here and from the 2/7 coupon inserts (will double to .80)
Final price: $1.39

Use the .50/1 coupon (doubles to $1) from the 2/7 coupon inserts (if Sweet and Salty variety is included in the sale).
Final price: $1.19 each

Green Giant Vegetables .99
Use the .50 Steamer coupons here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Each coupon double to $1, and eat site allows two prints per computer.
Final price: FREE (and potentially LOTS of them for free!)

Tip: Using many of the same internet printable coupons can often generate some scrutiny from a cashier (and rightly so - they may look identical or copied at fist glance). However, there is a way to prove that your legitimate internet printable coupons are acceptable and not photocopied reproductions. For more information, stay tuned for a post to come this evening.

Any other deals out there?


  1. On the front pg of ad it looks like the "helper" meals are included as well. If that is the case then there is a 3/$0.75 coupon for them on coupons.com

  2. I just got back from Sunmart & the GM coupon also includes the Totino's pizza & pizza rolls, Betty Crocker Helper meals & GM cereals advertised on the front page of their flyer. Only the steamer veggies with no sauce are included in the sale/coupon.

  3. There is also a .75 off 2 BC brownie mix coupon that when doubled would make them .19 each.

  4. Totally bummed. My Sunmart in Fergus Falls wouldn't let me use the $3 off coupon in combination with any other coupons :(